APCOA was an abbreviation for Airport Parking Corporation of America. The origins go back some 60 years to when APCOA Inc was founded in the USA.
APCOA first appeared in Europe in 1970 as an associate parking company in Germany and Austria. In the 1980s and 1990s, APCOA AG in Germany began acquiring parking companies across Europe, and in August 2007 it purchased the European business of a competitor, Central Parking System. As the range of services on offer developed to include on and off street parking, the APCOA businesses in Europe became fully independent and no longer linked with the USA.
The APCOA Group was purchased by the French investment company Eurazeo in early 2007 for the sum of €885 million. With plans to further expand the company across Europe, APCOA will continue to be Europe’s largest parking organisation.


Foundation of the Airport Parking Corporation Of America Inc. Cleveland, 
Ohio, USA as subsidiary of the ITT Corporation, New York, USA



Foundation of APCOA Autoparking GmbH, Germany, as subsidiary ITT Tochtergesellschaft, SEL, Stuttgart 

Foundation of APCOA Parking Austria, Vienna



Foundation of APCOA Parking (UK), Sunbury-on-Thames



Foundation of APCOA Parking Italy, Mantova



Foundation of APCOA Netherlands, Rotterdam



CWB Capital Partners Limited, London (later Doughty Hanson) and members of the management buy the APCOA group within a management-buy-out



Foundation of the APCOA Holding AG, Stuttgart



Change of the company name to APCOA Parking AG and listing on the stock exchange in Frankfurt, Duesseldorf and Stuttgart.  75% of the stock is hold by investors in UK, 7% are hold by the management, 18% are public float.



Aquisition of Rhein-Main-Parkgaragen, Karlsruhe



Foundatiojn of Parkingi Polska, Warszaw asjoint-venture with the STRABAG AG, Vienna

Aquisition of IPI Antwerpen, later: APCOA Belgium



Aquisition of the EuroPark group with companies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark



Aquisition of the First Management Group, Leeds, UK,  of the Parkhaus Heidenheim  and In Park Berlin

The company Salamander AG, Kornwestheim, aquires 27,1% share of the APCOA Parking AG stocks in April and increases it's share  in October to 98,5% within a publik takeover bid.



The company EnBW AG, Karlsruhe, announces that it holds 98,7% of the APCOA Parking AG shares via the  Salamander AG due date of 1. April 2002

Aquisition of 50% of the VUP Verkehrs- und Parkraumbewirtschaftung, Stuttgart, from the SG Holding AG & Co. KG, Stuttgart

Takeover of the remaining 49%of the Parkingi Polska, Warszaw, from STRABAG AG, Vienna



Foundation of APCOA, Rijeka, Croatia

Revokation of admission to stock exchange trading at the Frankfurt stock exchange



At 06/30/2004 Investcorp aquires 98,3% of the shares of APCOA Parking AG from the EnBW AG, Karlsruhem via the Parking Holdings GmbH, Munich



Foundation of APCOA Parking Switzerland, Zurich, together with the Emil Frey AG, Zurich

The company Parking Holdings GmbH is renamed to APCOA Parking Holdings GmbH (APHG)

The „Squeeze-Out“ becomes effective on 20. May 2005. Investcorp now holds 100% shares of the APCOA Parking AG via the APHG.

Revokation of admission to stock exchange trading at the Dusseldorf and Stuttgart stock exchanges



Acquisition of the Perpetum Parking, Goeteborg and renaming it EuroPark Vest

Acquisition of Interpark, Oslo, und takeover of the contracts for Legal Parkering, Oslo

Acquisition of the remaining 50% of the VUP Verkehrs- und Parkraumbewirtschaftung, Stuttgart

Acquisition and takeover of 70% of the Mobile-for N.V., Berchem (Antwerpen)



Foundation of APCOA Ireland and Spain

EURAZEO aquires 100% of the shares of the APHG from Investcorp.



Successful financial restructuring with majority shareholder Centerbridge Partners