APCOA Ireland – Leading the way with technology


APCOA is delighted to have won the ‘Best Use of Technology’ award at the Irish Transport and Logistics Awards 2024, recognising the actions we have taken to be at the forefront of innovation within the parking and mobility world. It also recognises our collaboration with leading transport operators like Irish Rail and the Luas by delivering innovative solutions.

As part of the No.1 parking operator in Europe, we have used our expertise to develop the most connected and customer-centric digital parking solution which is used across Europe and delivers:

  • Frictionless journeys for customers with flexible and convenient payment options

  • Sustainable Operational efficiencies by simplifying on-site infrastructure

APCOA’s award entry focused on the use of two of our innovative digital cashless payment solutions, Connect and ScanPay.

APCOA Connect allows a frictionless journey for the customer, with easy and secure payment options by App, SMS or telephone. Its user-friendly interface allows customers to easily change vehicles, payment cards and phone numbers, and it fully integrates with EV charging points.

Scan Pay offers a quick solution for individuals who don’t want to walk to a kiosk or download an App. Using a QR code for payment, no user registration is needed and customers benefit from quick and convenient payment options including ApplePay and GooglePay.

Neil Cunningham, Managing Director, APCOA Ireland said: “We are exceptionally proud to win this prestigious award which recognises the work we have done to integrate technology into our parking solutions and provide choices that improve the customer experience.”

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Electric vehicles have emerged as a major player in shaping the future of transportation


In the world where sustainability and environmental consciousness are gaining importance, electric vehicles have emerged as a major player in shaping the future of transportation. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, the need for efficient and accessible EV charging solutions becomes increasingly apparent.

The need for comprehensive EV Charging infrastructure

While the adoption of electric vehicles is on the rise, the success of this transition heavily relies on the development of a robust EV charging infrastructure.

APCOA’s sustainability and the commitment to accelerating electrification are key drivers of the business strategy. APCOA’s end-to-end EV service provision includes:

  • Upfront site identification and product selection
  • Project Management of installation, testing and commissioning
  • End-to-end lifecycle management of EV charge-point, including maintenance
  • Transparency through APCOA analytics for utilisation and availability
  • Marketing and community engagement initiatives
  • Range of payment options including ScanEv, APCOA Prebook, contactless and RFID
  • 24 x 7/ 365 national customer service centre

The role of businesses offering EV Charging to its customers

Businesses that incorporate EV charging stations into their services play a pivotal role in several key areas:

  1. Customer Attraction and Retention: By providing EV charging stations, businesses not only draw in environmentally conscious customers who drive electric vehicles but also enhance the overall customer experience. This strategic offering becomes a compelling reason for repeat visits, fostering customer loyalty.
  2. Enhancing Customer Stay: The inclusion of EV charging stations goes beyond a mere amenity; it actively contributes to enhancing a customer's stay. This forward-thinking service aligns with the preferences of today's eco-conscious travellers, making businesses stand out in the competitive landscape.
  3. Positive Impact on the Environment: Businesses embracing EV charging services make a commendable contribution to environmental sustainability. By catering to the needs of electric vehicle users, they align with the values of an expanding market of eco-conscious travellers. This not only signifies a commitment to green practices but also positions the business as a leader in sustainable hospitality.
  4. Setting a New Standard for Hospitality: Offering EV charging stations doesn't just meet customer expectations; it sets a new standard for hospitality. Businesses that embrace this innovative service not only stay ahead of the curve but also showcase a commitment to progressive, environmentally friendly practices. This, in turn, can attract a broader customer base seeking conscientious and forward-thinking establishments.

In conclusion, businesses that recognise the complex benefits of providing EV charging services not only cater to the needs of their current customer base but also position themselves as leaders in environmentally conscious hospitality, driving positive impacts on both customer relations and the planet.

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Strategic Value Partners Completes Acquisition of APCOA Parking Holdings


Stuttgart, Germany and Greenwich, CT, USA. 7 February, 2024 – APCOA Parking Holdings (“APCOA”), Europe’s leading parking infrastructure operator, and Strategic Value Partners, LLC and its affiliates (together, “SVP”), a global alternative investment firm with over $18 billion in assets under management, today announced that SVP-managed funds have completed the previously announced acquisition of APCOA following the receipt of all necessary approvals.


To learn more about the APCOA Parking Holdings acquisition, please view the October 2023 press release announcement here.

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APCOA expands its strategy


The new strategy encompasses two main areas; Focus on four business lines “Parking”, "Charging", "Technology" and "Urban Solutions" and the renaming of APCOA PARKING to APCOA

APCOA PARKING becomes APCOA. This change of name, which took effect on 14 December 2023, is accompanied by a further development of the company’s strategy. Going forward the company will deliver services across four distinct business lines - “Parking”, "Charging", "Technology" and "Urban Solutions". These business lines are unique in their combination in the market and complement each other. Supported by this new strategy, APCOA intends to continue to shape the future of parking and to maximise the generated value of every parking space.

Philippe Op de Beeck, CEO of APCOA, says: "We are now embarking on the next step in the implementation of our long-term growth strategy. The combination of our four business lines will ensure that we will maximise the use of our parking infrastructure and the urban space it occupies - in the interests of the owners of the respective parking spaces, the users of our services and urban society in general. In this way, we intend to contribute to a sustainable future of mobility."

“Parking” continues to form the foundation of the business of APCOA, which has been established for over 50 years. As Europe's leading parking operator, the Group manages more than 1.8 million individual parking spaces at 13,000 locations in 13 European countries. The company has more than doubled its portfolio in the last 10 years. By 2025 APCOA aims to exceed revenues to 1 billion euros.

In terms of the business line “Charging” APCOA invests in infrastructure for electric cars and operates them as charge point operator (CPO). APCOA has to date installed 4,000 charging points in Europe, including 3,000 since the beginning of 2023 alone. The company aims to operate a total of 100,000 charging points by 2035. The overall consumer proposition is enriched by high performance charging points, which are installed at APCOA locations across Europe by industry leading partners such as Tesla, BP, Ionity and Mer.

"Technology" encompasses digital platforms for new products and interfaces for the integration of third-party companies and their services. These include the consumer apps APCOA FLOW and APCOA Connect. Both platforms simplify the parking process in car parks. For example, the barrier opens automatically at the entrance and exit - and payment is just as timesaving via the app. Collectively, the APCOA apps already have over 8 million registered users.

The "Urban Solutions" business line focuses on the transformation of car parks into so-called "urban hubs". With these hubs, APCOA opens up car parks for multifunctional use, providing a physical and digital infrastructure for the implementation of smart cities. For example, the car parks can be used as urban fulfilment centres for city logistics, warehousing, and distribution services. APCOA already offers 30 of such city logistics hubs and an additional 300 parcel collection locations - with a further 180 in the pipeline. In addition, the urban hubs already serve as hubs for modern mobility at more than 200 locations - including car hire, car and ride sharing, micro mobility and intermodal transport. By integrating new technologies and proximity services, APCOA can also use the car parks with its platform and extensive infrastructure network for other applications.

Together, these four business lines allow APCOA to realise the full potential of any parking spaces under its management. This benefits the owners of the parking spaces, anyone looking to utilise the services from APCOA and the general public.

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APCOA building a better responsible business by further investing in a focused ESG programme across the Group


“At APCOA, we believe it is our responsibility to grow and develop as a company in innovative, responsible, and sustainable ways. Over many years we have taken a wide variety of measures across the ESG spectrum. We are now reinforcing our commitment and have bundled all our sustainability activities in a focused group wide ESG programme called ‘APCOA Sustainability in Action’”, says Philippe Op de Beeck, CEO of APCOA PARKING Group.

Kim Challis, currently Regional Managing Director UK & Ireland is taking on the additional appointment of Group Director ESG and will lead this Group effort based on her longstanding operational experience in this field.

“The increasing urbanisation, digitalisation and new mobility trends are changing the urban ecosystem. With our digital and physical infrastructure, our innovative operational models, we can make a substantial contribution to a sustainable urban development. We have set ourselves ambitious targets that reflect our commitment to our colleagues, customers, clients and suppliers, our communities, and the environment we work in”, explains Kim Challis.

Core measurements of the program include a clear path towards climate neutrality, a defined social agenda for the employees and the communities we are operating in, as well as an elaborate governance structure that specifies how we operate. All measures will follow the UN Global Compact Agreement which the company has signed. 

On its path to climate neutrality, the company is switching to 100% renewable energy where possible, accompanied by activities to further reduce energy consumption in car parks. To help drive this initiative fast forward, APCOA has partnered with First Climate. Also participating in the EV100 initiative, APCOA is exchanging its corporate car fleet to full electric vehicles and is currently preparing to substantially extend its EV charging infrastructure by adding tens of thousands of charging points over the next few years in its car parks.

Parking activities are at the center of mobility as either a starting or an end point of a journey with a car, bus, motorbike, bicycle, or any other form of individually owned or shared transportation. APCOA is dedicated to contributing to making this ecosystem as sustainable as possible. 

“We strive every day to ensure we are the trusted sustainable partner of choice for all our clients to improve their contribution to a better environment. We know that the best way to achieve these goals is through a responsible approach to business, and we are proud to be innovating towards a brighter future, mentions Philippe Op de Beeck.


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APCOA acquires NCPS in Ireland


• Business in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland doubles in size

• Second large Acquisition after APCOA bought Onepark A/S in Denmark


Stuttgart, 9 October 2019 – Europe’s leading parking operator, APCOA PARKING (APCOA), has completed the acquisition of the business of Nationwide Controlled Parking Services (NCPS), one of the biggest car park operators in Ireland, including subsidiaries PEA and Mobile Research Solutions, t/a parkbytext. NCPS manages over 1,100 car parks with a total number of over 100,000 car park spaces. Following approval by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) the acquisition was legally completed on 8 August 2019.

The combined operation resulting from the acquisition sees APCOA’s business in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland double in size to cover more than 1,750 site locations and it will enable them to service all counties in both countries.

 “We view this as a very exciting development for APCOA and NCPS as the companies complement each other well.  This acquisition combines the strengths of the businesses across all sectors, markets and geographies and brings together two strong management teams with complementary skills and abilities”, says Philippe Op De Beeck, CEO of APCOA PARKING Group.

In addition, with the financial backing of the APCOA group, the combined operation in Ireland benefits from increased opportunities for further investment in the business and technologies. With the joined expertise and customer base across both countries, the acquisition makes APCOA a leading mobile parking operator providing convenient, cashless and cost-effective payment options to nearly 200,000 parking customers.

During the integration process day-to-day operations continue as at present. APCOA and NCPS will continue to focus on providing the highest levels of customer service.

APCOA’s existing business in Northern Ireland operated a number of sites including two city centre multi storey car parks in Belfast city centre. The NCPS subsidiary PEA brings a further c. 80 locations, primarily in the greater Belfast area with key sites such as the iconic Titanic Quarter, numerous NHS hospitals and Trusts and the Odyssey Event Centre. 

APCOA sees this investment as strengthening their position in Ireland and providing a platform for increased growth. “APCOA and NCPS both view this as a real opportunity to broaden the strength of our services to our clients in Ireland and to improve our capabilities by bringing together the best knowledge, systems and operational experience and practice”, says Op De Beeck.

Already in the beginning of May APCOA bought Onepark A/S in Denmark one of the country’s leading parking operators with 170 employees operating about 600 parking sites with 50,500 parking spaces. With OnePark, APCOA was able to expand the number of contracts by 540 and is now the market leader in Denmark. The two companies are already fully integrated and have moved into a new Head Office. 

Any queries should be addressed to Sebastian Merkle at APCOA PARKING Holdings GmbH

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Kildare County Council Launches APCOA Connect


• APCOA Connect allows customers to pay by phone, web, text message, and through the app

• The system will expand to Kildare, Maynooth, Celbridge, Lexlip and Newbridge

• APCOA is working in partnership with Kildare County Council

APCOA provides innovation in parking

December will see the launch of cashless parking platform APCOA Connect across five towns in Kildare County.

Kildare, Maynooth, Celbridge, Lexlip and Newbridge will all benefit from the new service that provides its users with a range of payment options, all accessible from their phone.

The council will work with APCOA, who currently provide parking enforcement within the five towns, to implement the new system alongside the traditional cash based parking meters already used. The platform will open-up customer’s payment options by providing the facilities to pay by phone, web, SMS, or app.

In addition to allowing customers to travel across the county without change for parking, the system also issues reminders to them when their parking is about to expire.
Simple and stress free parking

Kildare County Council, said:
"The Council is delighted to be in a position to provide this new additional service. We are constantly improving our services by providing more efficient, alternative and customer friendly services with the use of advancing technology; and parking is no different. This service will provide an alternative and more convenient way to pay for parking for everyone wishing to visit and do business in County Kildare. This new service is being provided in conjunction with current pay at the meter method."

This new service will be available to all motorists in Newbridge, Kildare, Celbridge, Leixlip and Maynooth from 12th December 2016, with guidance on how to use the new system being provided on parking meters and on www.apcoaconnect.ie

”Neil Cunningham, APCOA Ireland’s Managing Director, said: “We know how important it is for your parking experience to be as simple and stress-free as possible: which is why we created APCOA Connect. Cashless parking makes sense for everyone- not only is it convenient and easy, it is also a must in today’s increasingly digital society. We are excited to be able to support Kildare County Council with this new platform, and look forward to working with them to providing this service for residents and visitors alike.”

This new service will be available to all customers from 12th December 2016, with guidance on how to use the new system provided on parking meters.

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APCOA Appoints Challis To Head UK And Ireland


APCOA PARKING Group is, today (29 June 2015), delighted to announce the appointment of Kim Challis to the position of Regional Managing Director for the UK and Ireland.

With a strong pedigree in business development and stakeholder management, Challis’ entrepreneurship and proactive-leadership approach will be a key facet to growing the UK and Ireland businesses.

Prior to joining APCOA, Challis held a number of senior executive and board positions; most recently with British multinational security services firm G4S as its Regional Managing Director for its facilities management division.

Challis takes up her new senior executive position from Henk de Bruin, who will reassume business activities in his Group Director capacity, as well as continuing in his role as Managing Director for APCOA PARKING in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, Neil Cunningham – Managing Director for APCOA PARKING Ireland, will now report to Challis, but continue to lead APCOA’s day-to-day business operations in Ireland, and work closely with Challis as part of a new management structure and enhanced senior management team.

In response to Challis’ appointment, Ralf Bender, Chief Executive Officer for APCOA PARKING Group, said: “I am delighted that Kim is able to join us and drive our UK and Ireland businesses into new key territories. 

“Kim is a dynamic and very astute businesswoman, who has a proven-track record in delivering positive-outcomes across a diverse range of commercial and public sector portfolios, which is important for our business.  These are revered qualities, which have all been underpinned by strong leadership, team motivation and people development, which is what APCOA PARKING prides itself on,” he added.

Press Information
For more information about APCOA PARKING (UK) and/or APCOA PARKING IRELAND, please email UKpress@apcoa.com or Irelandpress@apcoa.com respectively.

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Clash of The Titans for APCOA


MAY 2015 | IN THE SPIRIT of team sport, APCOA PARKING Ireland has again gone the extra mile; this time becoming the main sponsor of a girls’ basketball team from Galway City.

APCOA’s drive to promote health through sport was a key factor when it sponsored Titans U13s girls’ basketball team to the tune of €500 for a new kit, which was presented by the company’s operations manager Maggie Hornibrook.

The sponsorship proved timely for the Westside Community Centre basketball club – based off Seamus Quirke Road in Newcastle, Galway – who travelled to Sweden on 13 May 2015 to compete in the Gothenburg [basketball] international tournament.

After successfully progressing through the group stage, Titans’ U13 girls convincingly beat the host [Gothenburg] city 34-9 in the quarter finals, only to narrowly lose in the semis to their Danish counterparts.  

Neil Cunningham, Managing Director for APCOA PARKING Ireland, said: “When we heard about Titans basketball club; especially their work with young people, we were inspired to get involved.

“As with other sports, girls’ basketball is becoming more and more popular in Ireland.  However, corporate sponsorship is important in helping the team to continue to prosper, plus provide a platform for future generations, which really struck a chord for us.

“It goes without saying that all of us at APCOA would like to wish Titans’ girls the very best for the new season,” added Cunningham.

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For more information about APCOA PARKING Ireland, please email IrelandPress@apcoa.ie

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APCOA Leads Canine Fundraiser In Galway


April 2015 | APCOA PARKING Ireland was again best in show after it extended its charity-giving to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

APCOA’s staff at Market Street and Mercy Secondary School car parks in Galway [West of Ireland] extended an extra warm welcome to event co-ordinators, guide dog trainers, and their canine companions on 27 March [2015]; so much so, they parked for free ahead of the Irish charity’s associated weekend fundraiser on 28-29 March.

APCOA, which has an established pedigree in parking and facilities management across Ireland, assisted the charity by granting two long wheelbase vans; two mini-buses; two vans, and a Volkswagen car a free run of the school car park off Newtownsmith, Galway.  And for the national charity, APCOA’s unrivalled parking concession proved to be just the ticket.

The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind’s ‘Assistance Dog Programme’ was chosen as the beneficiary charity for the Maynooth Students for Charity Annual Cycle 2015, which runs from Maynooth and Galway. 

Through their cost-savings and fundraising efforts, Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind was hoping to raise over €100,000 to help kick-start their 2015 charity appeal into the second quarter; and the free parking certainly helped with the bottom line.

A spokesperson from APCOA PARKING Ireland, said: “We are of course delighted that we could help members of the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind charity.”

“While parking may not necessarily be central to the charity’s fundraising aims and objectives, we realise that, when you have large canine charity vehicles, there is not always the room to accommodate them on-street.

“Therefore, when we heard about the charity’s attendance at the students’ annual cycle event in Maynooth, we were only too pleased to assist them, with the knowledge that their vehicles were both safe and secure, and within easy access of the race event.” 

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Charity Appeal Is Just The Ticket For LauraLynn


6 February 2015 | APCOA PARKING Ireland evidenced that there is colourful side to parking after staff gave generously to the LauraLynn Children’s Hospice charity appeal.

APCOA’s customer service, Park and Control, and Park and Guard teams were quick to donate toys to help support families and their children with life-limiting conditions.

For one week in December 2014, APCOA’s base-camp in Swords was more akin to an Aladdin’s Cave, after over 100 nationwide staff signed up to enrich the lives of disadvantaged young people.

Neil Cunningham, Managing Director of APCOA PARKING Ireland, said: “Our staff are passionate about people, which is demonstrated by the inpouring of toy donations at our Swords contract.

“LauraLynn is Ireland’s first and only children’s hospice, which stops at nothing to help hundreds of young people and their families.  Therefore, anything that APCOA can do to make a difference is important.   It’s a charity that we are very proud to be associated with,” added Cunningham.

Gill Waters, Fundraising Manager for LauraLynn, said: “We are very grateful for the support that APCOA has given to our charity appeal.  While we cannot change a child’s diagnosis, we can give families greater comfort and stability to care for young people and their families in a home away from home environment. 

“Through the support of companies like APCOA their charity work is invaluable, and really can help to change the quality of a child’s life,” added Waters.


APCOA PARKING was established in Ireland in 1998 as a parking management company.  Together with its UK counterpart, APCOA’s UK and Ireland businesses currently employ 2,200 staff, and a further 2,500 staff across 10 other European countries.  
To date, APCOA PARKING Group is the largest full-service parking management company in Europe, providing a wide range of on and off-street services on behalf of local authorities, and clients at airports, rail stations, shopping centres, town and city centres, hotels, hospitals and universities.

About Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice

The Laura Lynn Children’s Hospital provides palliative care and support for young people up to the age of 18 with life-threatening illnesses and their families.  The care provision provides essential support for the whole family, which enables parents to; first and foremost, take on the lead role of Mum and Dad rather than full-time carers. 

Press Information

For more information about APCOA PARKING Ireland, please email IrelandPress@apcoa.ie

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APCOA Graduates With New University Deal


24 October 2014 | APCOA PARKING IRELAND has been awarded a new parking management contract with Maynooth University in North Kildare.

The new deal extends APCOA’s existing four-year relationship with the state-of-the-art, and formerly named National University of Ireland Maynooth until, potentially, September 2017.

As part of the new contract, APCOA will continue to provide parking management services in accordance with the University’s mobility and traffic management plan; coupled with the supply, installation and maintenance of pay and display machines.

With a population of just shy of 10,000 full- and part-time students, APCOA has also been tasked with the issuing of parking permits across both the north and south university campuses.

The University has approximately 1,400 parking spaces, which are principally divided into staff only, student only, multi-permits (staff, student, and visitor) and pay & display.  There are also provisions for disabled parking, car-share, electronic vehicle (EV) parking, and service & delivery.

Neil Cunningham, Managing Director for APCOA PARKING IRELAND, said: “We are delighted to have been retained by Maynooth University as their preferred parking manager.  The parking operation at the North Kildare site is akin to managing a busy event or retail park, which requires the right level of expertise.  Therefore, we are pleased to have the necessary experience, resource and management strategy to operate the university’s car park with maximum efficiency.

Press Information
For more information about APCOA PARKING IRELAND, please email IrelandPress@apcoa.ie

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Motorists Have The Chance To Redeem Themselves


21 October 2014 | APCOA PARKING IRELAND, in conjunction with Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT), is giving staff and students in AIT the chance to learn from the error of their ways by issuing a ‘warning only’ notice to first-time parking offenders.

The news comes after APCOA extended its existing nine-year relationship with the Athlone Institute of Technology until, potentially, 2016 following another successful competitive tender.

As part of the new deal, APCOA is taking a conciliatory line to enable all first-time parking offenders to redeem themselves and avoid paying clamping fee.  It’s an initiative that’s sure to resonate favourably with users of the Institute’s 1,136 car park facility.

Neil Cunningham, Managing Director of APCOA PARKING IRELAND, said: “While most motorists regularly abide by the terms and conditions of parking in AIT, the college wanted to provide an initial safety net to those who, for whatever reason, park in contravention.

“Our fair parking scheme works on the basis of a points scale.  Quite simply: if a parking offence has been incurred, the motorist will receive a warning notice, which will remain valid on our system for 12 months. However, if no further offence occurs within the same annual period, the motorist will revert to zero on the points scale again.

“The principle purpose of the parking initiative is to educate motorists, not penalise them.  However, if a motorist continues to park in contravention at AIT, they will be subject to a clamping fee, which will be administered on a tiered enforcement tariff; based on the number of offences committed within a 12-month period,” added Cunningham.

In addition to the implementation and management of the fair parking scheme, APCOA will continue to provide enhanced managed services for AIT, which include: appeals’ handling, enforcement signage, and reconciliation and reporting.  It also comprises the issuing of staff and students’ permits through a bespoke permit management system, which has been developed in consultation with the education sector.

Press Information
For more information about APCOA PARKING IRELAND, please email IrelandPress@apcoa.ie

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Technical knowhow secures new contract in Mayo


15 October 2014 | APCOA PARKING IRELAND has been awarded a new two-year parking management contract with Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT).

The new deal extends APCOA’s existing seven-year relationship with the education establishment until at least September 2016, and potentially until 2018.

During this time, APCOA will continue to provide efficient and effective managed services, which include: parking enforcement, cash collection, extensive reconciliation and reporting for GMIT.  It also comprises the issuing of staff and students’ permits through a bespoke permit management system, which has been developed in consultation with the education sector.

In addition to the current value-add service provisions at the 350-space facility, APCOA will introduce new signage, along with pay and display and pay by phone technology around the campus to help simplify the payment process for motorists.

These enhanced customer payment options and car park management processes will deliver an even more efficient operation for the Institute, and added convenience to the consumer.

Neil Cunningham, Managing Director of APCOA PARKING IRELAND, said: “The retention of this contract is very important to APCOA.  We have invested heavily in technology over the past year, and we welcome the opportunity to introduce this to the GMIT Mayo campus to enhance and improve the customer experience.”

Press Information
For more information about APCOA PARKING IRELAND, please email IrelandPress@apcoa.ie

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APCOA Signs Major MSCP Management Deal In Ireland


11 July 2014 | APCOA PARKING Ireland has been awarded a new 15-year management services’ contract at one of Dublin’s iconic parking complexes.

The 267-space multi-storey car park, which is strategically located on Jervis Street close to one of Dublin's busiest shopping thoroughfare, was acquired by Bouwfonds European Real Estate Parking Fund ll; part of Bouwfonds Investment Management (IM).

In a bid to increase its investment portfolio into new territories; and create new synergies, Bouwfonds IM awarded APCOA PARKING Ireland with a long-term leasehold agreement on 7 July 2014 to manage and revolutionise the parking technology at Jervis Street, and improve the customer journey.  The deal will see APCOA manage the facility until at least 2029.

Bart Pierik, Managing Director Parking of Bouwfonds IM, said. “We are pleased to have acquired our first parking garage in Ireland.  Jervis Street Car Park offers secure and convenient parking in the heart of a prominent retail mixed-use environment in Dublin City Centre.  It also presents a low risk, which is important,” he added.

Neil Cunningham, Managing Director for APCOA PARKING Ireland, said: “Jervis Street Car Park presents a great opportunity to demonstrate our European expertise within the Irish parking sector market, by adding Value and introducing new products to improve the overall customer experience.

“Jervis Street is a blank canvass, which makes it both an attractive proposition for Bouwfonds IM, and a great opportunity for APCOA to really showcase our management capabilities.  As the leading parking manager across Europe, we are delighted to be working with Bouwfonds IM, and to have the opportunity to utilise our cross-sector knowledge and introduce new parking solutions and service enhancements,” added Cunningham.

In addition to purchasing the Jervis Street car park, Bouwfonds IM has also acquired an office building and three retail units along the same street.

Press Information
For more information about APCOA PARKING Ireland, please email IrelandPress@apcoa.ie 

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